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[16 Sep 2006|06:12pm]
i'm overwhelmed by the world and all the ideas that follow

i dont know what im working myself up for

MadHatterDisease: who are you aymore

i don't knowwwwww. i really don't know anymore. i wanna go on a hiatus from everybody and discover myself.

i cant explain my brain

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[14 Sep 2006|10:47pm]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]

looking for that little something thats gonna keep me going. especially when i'm sitting in work. i'm nonstop like a worker bee making honey for the hive. ughhhhhhh

something rewarding perhaps? likeeeeeee ... volunteering or taking a sign language class? orrrr for petes sake finding a nice boy i can swoon over. hmmmyesss that would keep me typing, wanting to see him after 5 o'clock rush.

we'll see what i come up with


[10 Sep 2006|02:42am]
i want a new face. is that weird? i hate my chin. ahhhhidontknowim kind of joking but not.
their are too many pretty girls in the world. too much competition. and im losing
actually im not trying to land someone soooo hahah nm what am i getting into

i have to come back into contact with everyone. i havent talked to anyone except a few people in the past couple of months. i really am the worst and yet pretty loyal friend you could have. y do preople put up with my crap?

i look back on situations way too much. "forget regret or life is yours to miss." i should stick to that. its easier to quote then to put it in action.

i hate not being in school. i dont even like talking about it. everyone brings it up. i suck

this is my complain journal. its good no one reads it. i really dont complain this much in person, i hope. i leave it for thissssss

trying to sleep now


[07 Sep 2006|11:25pm]
i'm sad. tomorrow is my last day working at the library. man i really liked working there. EZZZZZZ and i get to check out all the new stuff we get in. plus i'm going to miss all my lovely customers. one lady is me in 40 years, i can just see it. but its time to move along in this game called life. hhauahuuuhaahau

i'm extremely nervous for my new job starting Monday morning. i just don't want to end up sitting there being bored as hell. i need to constantly be doing something or aksdhfkasfhdasf
wish me luck

i feel like i lost a part of my personality this past year and i really want it back. or gain a new one? too many influences i've picked up on and kept. i cant explainnnnnn my brainnnnnnn.

"help me help me help me sail awayyyyyyyy.
we'll give me two good reasons why i outta stayyyyyyyy"

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and i just dont know [04 Sep 2006|07:11pm]
i'm ........

anxious. excited.
pressed for time (right now)
on probation for 6 months (no big deal, but nothing i'm proud of either)
worried for my gpoppi
dissapointed in my brother, boooo him
pleaseddddddd with my new clothes (better then men? most times)
readyyyyyy for the fall

i love jackets. the end

"time waits for no one, so why don't we get it on."

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